About a Foamer


My wife and I met ten years ago and both worked in the customer service industry.  Since then we have grown an entire little family.  We dont know how we did it, but it sure has been fun!  Our dream is to be able to spend more time together with work lives and craziness. I have a passion for trains and just love trains, expressing my thoughts and not beating around the bush to much.  With a love for railroading and a good sense of humor we put together a little shop.  She has a love for colors and excitement, markets and trade shows, but her biggest passion is photography.  The passion in her photos easily explains the love she has for photography.

We started Foamerz as a fun way to express how railroaders may feel on a day to day, offer custom printing to friends and family that ask.  Then we noticed there isnt a market for trains and the general market.  So we stared printing railfan stuff, train prints, and little slogans that me and some of the guys have laughed up along the way.  So weather you work for the rails, love trains, or just where Tees and Hoodies, we have something here for you.  And if we dont, we will make it!

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